Organisational Structure

The Midlands Environmental Business Company is responsible for the management of the company and the Club.

MEBC Board of Directors:

Ian Aspley Chair

Marley Eternit Limited

Peter Braithwaite Vice Chair


Anita Davison Company Secretary


David White Financial Director

Grant Thornton

David Middleton CEO

Environmental Business Communications


Nick King

Environment Agency

Roger Key

Brumcan Ltd

Pat Laughlin

Pat Laughlin Associates

Tony Lass

Fox Consultancy Services Ltd

John Sharpe

Bates Wood Ltd

David Ward City of Birmingham
Paul Cobbing (GOWM)
Ralph Hepworth (AWM)

The Club is a subscription network, promoting the values of sustainable development to the business community and providing a cross flow of information, knowledge and experience.

MEBC Projects Limited was created especially to manage projects arising from MEBC activity, and to be responsible for the budgets associated with them.

MEBC Projects Board of Directors:

Ian Aspley

Marley Eternit Limited

Peter Braithwaite


Anitia Davison


David White

Grant Thornton

David Middleton

Environmental Business Communications

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Our Logo

The MEBC logo was created by students at Walsall College in a competition. The winner, in the view of the MEBC Board of Directors, best represented the outreach influences and cross cutting values of sustainable development.

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