MEBC staged a special think tank as part of the West Midlands review of the Regional Economic Strategy 4/7/2003

The MEBC Special Meeting hosted at Arup to contribute to the review process of the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) of the West Midlands, ranged across a wide subject area that embraced the difficulties facing the engineering community of the region, to the market opportunities of the (so called) environment sector, the need for better and wider understanding of what sustainable development really means, and how sustainable development should be properly embedded in the RES. Following material related to this item can be downloaded below:

Presentation on RES review.
Full report.

Iain Neville (Advantage West Midlands) provided an overview of the RES and the review procedure. David Middleton (CEO MEBC) presented some thoughts to stimulate debate. The invited group engaged in a vigorous debate reflected by the report submitted to AWM.